Flight Lt. Robert Macbride

Flight Lt. Robert Macbride
Flight Lt. Robert Macbride

Whilst on an anti-submarine patrol in the waters between Iceland and Norway, Flight Lieutenant Macbride spotted a German U-Boat which turned out to be U-478. Despite intense anti-aircraft fire he pressed home an attack on the U-Boat and hit it with depth charges disabling it enough to be subsequently sunk with depth charges by a B-24 bomber from Tain, Scotland.

Macbride was born on August 5, 1919 and was from Woodstock, New Brunswick. He served in the Royal Canadian Air Force after the war and rose to the rank of Group Captain.

He passed away of natural causes on July 29, 1963 of natural causes while on duty in France.

Service Details
ConflictWorld War 2
DecorationsMentioned in Dispatches, Distinguished Flying Cross
ActionJune 30, 1944 in Norwegian Sea, North East of the Faeroe Islands
DiedJuly 29, 1963 in France
UnitNo. 2 (Fighter) Wing, Royal Canadian Air Force

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